about perceptivity studio

Perceptivity Studio is a boutique marketing and graphic design studio located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, founded in December of 2007.  We specialize in developing consistent brand images for small to mid-sized businesses, including memorable logos and sophisticated corporate identity packages, along with the other marketing materials a company needs to be successful, like brochures, websites, trade show displays and more. President Jenni McKay has worked with many start-up businesses to develop their initial brand identities, as well as working with existing companies to re-brand their images and/or develop fresh, new marketing materials that help them stand out in the marketplace.

Perceptivity is not only the name of our company, but also the combination of two important concepts when tackling a marketing challenge: Perception and Creativity. The first step is Perception…using our brains to fully understand everything there is to know about your unique situation and developing a sound, rational strategy. Then comes Creativity…where we develop meaningful new concepts and innovative solutions to evoke a response from your customers. But the key to solving those aforementioned marketing challenges is finding a partner who places equal importance on both steps. The most logical strategy will fall flat without a clever execution. And the most incredible creative work will stumble unless there is a logical reason for its existence. We hope you’ll allow Perceptivity Studio to bring both sides of our name to your company.

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